by ChesterDraws

The beginning

Well it's been a couple of weeks since I started posting Area 5.1's to this site, as a bit of adventure really. So far it's been quite a good experience and this site is pretty good, with the only downside being at times a little slow. Everyone here has that creative spark in them and there's a relentless torrent of work.

On the whole there's some good (and varied) stuff here, and I'm amazed by how much of that there is. It is in some ways quite intimidating,.. how do you make you mark when your work can be so quickly swallowed up by the rapid submissions from my fellow cartoonists. Everyone here wants to feel that their work is appreciated, I've seen it talked about in the forums. But the chance for most of us to get noticed is that 30 minutes or so that we've visible on the 'Recently Updated' page. It doesnt take long before your pushed onto page 2 and your chances die away.

Personally I think Area 5.1 is perhaps aimed at the more mature reader, so I feel it's perhaps a little out of place amongst my peers. The artists seem predominately young, and their comic strips story driven and linear, which is in contrast to my style. In spite of that I've had a few subscribers grace me with nice comments.

But in many ways I've sought this out,.. I mean we all want to get subscribers and receive comments, but what goes around comes around. Set a good example, look at other's people's art work and make positive comments, it doesnt cost anything other than a few minutes time. You don't have to subscribe, but people just really apreciate it,.. it's keeps them going.